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Sacred route in Telšiai district

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Briefly about the route
66 km
6.5 h.
Route surface
100% Asphalt

The route consists of eight places of interest in Varniai (2), Telšiai (4), Luokė (1) and Kęstaičiai (1). Most of the objects are Catholic churches and other holy places. The route also includes the Samogitian Village Museum in Telšiai.

  • Varniai St. a complex of buildings of the Church of the Apostles Peter and Paul and Lourdes in the cemetery (one of the oldest in 1914) . In the town of Varniai, on the right bank of the Varnelė, standing St. the church of the apostles Peter and Paul was granted the status of cultural value, but the first cathedral of Varniai has not survived to this day. As early as 1421. traces of the construction of the sanctuary, which was started later, were not found during archaeological research.
  • St. Alexander Church in Varniai. In the year of the founding of the Medininkai diocese, which eventually became the Samogitian diocese, there was already a parish church in Varniai. In the same place where the new St. The building of Alexander Church, formerly stood by another, was built in 1417 by the care of Vytautas the Great. consecrated St. Alexander Church, named after the Christian name of Vytautas the Great.

  • Luokė All Saints Church Complex. The town of Luokė was first mentioned in historical sources after the baptism of the Samogitians began. Although the church has been repaired and rebuilt many times over the six centuries, it still retains folk architectural forms.

  • Rainy Massacre Site and Chapel Complex. The Rainy Massacre is called the 1941 The night of June 24 to June 25, Soviet soldiers killed 76 political prisoners in Telšiai Prison. Soldiers took the prisoners out of prison at night, brutally tortured and shot them without charge.


    May songs, waves (Samogitian village exposition). In May, May services are held, also called waves , dedicated to St. To honor the Virgin Mary. They are sung not only in churches, but also in the homes of believers - people in villages or towns sing after gathering after a farm or housework.


  • Telšiai Bernardine Monastery and Priests' Seminary Building Complex. The complex of sacral buildings of the Telšiai Bernardine Monastery and the Seminary of Priests is one of the most important in Samogitia. It stands on the northern shore of Lake Masty, on the hill of Insula. The object was first erected in the 17th century, the complex consists of a Franciscan Bernardine monastery and a church. a converted cathedral, a seminary for priests, a bishop's palace, a school and other buildings.

  • Telšiai St. Church of the Assumption. Telšiai parish was founded in 1536. In the same year, by the order of the Duke of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Sigismund the Elder, the Telšiai St. Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. In 1612, a parish school was established there. The church was rebuilt and rebuilt several times, reaching these times only in 1619. the church bell was cast.

  • The place of Kęstaičiai martyrs. November 22, 1883 An armed conflict took place in Kęstaičiai Church, which claimed the lives of believers. By order of the Russian tsar, it was decided to close the church, but this was fiercely opposed by the local community of believers.



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