Exposition of Samogitian Museum "Alka" in Samogitian Village


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The Samogitian Village Museum opened its doors to visitors in 1982. The museum, which covers an area of 8.5 ha on the shores of Lake Massis, currently houses 16 authentic 19th-century buildings. late 20th century pr. of buildings divided into three homesteads and a public sector.

The exposition of the museum is arranged in the following sections of the homestead: the rich farmer's homestead consists of eight buildings: a dwelling house, a barn, a barn, a barn, a barn, a pigsty, a fireplace and a sauna. In the middle peasant homestead stands a dwelling house, barn, barn and barn with a barn. There are two buildings on the farmstead of Mažeikiai peasant: a hut and a barn with a barn. The public sector consists of a windmill, a blacksmith and a cemetery.

Exhibitions in all buildings show the lifestyle, environment and everyday life of the peasants of that time. The exposition of Žemaitija village is supplemented by Lithuanian gene pool animals - horses of Žemaitukai breed. The Samogitian Village Museum holds educational classes, festivals and laying theater evenings.

The exhibit is open from spring to autumn.

The facility is adapted for people with reduced mobility.


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