Žemaitija Tourism Information Center

About us

2002 December 4 In one of the most beautiful buildings of Telšiai Old Town - in the newly restored building of the former city scales “Jutka” - the Public Institution Žemaitija Tourism Information Center (hereinafter - Žemaitijos TIC) was established. In the city scales before it stood until the twentieth century. in the middle of the 19th century, market traders were required to label the weights they used to trade in the market.

Samogitian TIC provides free information on tourism services and tourism resources, publishes and distributes information publications, orders places in accommodation, catering, entertainment and leisure companies, sells ferry and bus tickets, and sells souvenirs with Samogitian attributes.

Samogitian TIC can order guide services provided by 10 professional guides. In the capital of Samogitia, guides lead in Samogitian, Lithuanian, English, German, Polish, Japanese and Russian. Lithuanian and foreign tourists in Telšiai are fascinated by the unique old town, the lake Mutis in the city center, the amphitheater, sacral, cultural and culinary heritage, unique small architectural sculptures, art objects, legends, etc.

Samogitian TIC provides services not only in Telšiai, but also in the homestead of Biržuvėnai manor, which is almost 300 years old. Today Biržuvėnai is a valuable 18th-19th century an example of a large wooden manor house, reflecting the natural development of such homesteads during the period of feudalism. Biržuvėnai manor house was rebuilt in 2011. The house is decorated with antique-style furniture, preserved authentic fireplaces from the 18th century. tiles, chimney, floor tiles. Visitors can see the living room, kitchen, cupboard, master bedroom, study and other premises. Near the gentlemen's house to restore the office, stable and carriage.

Excursions are organized in Biržuvėnai manor homestead, entertainment education “Treasure Hunt” is organized, events, commemorations, poetry readings and exhibitions take place. In a majestic environment reminiscent of the life of the counts, the newlyweds can exchange gold rings.

Samogitian TIC is a competent tourism information and consulting institution with a high service culture, quality specialized services, organizational work, extensive public relations, the use of modern information technologies, and excellent conditions for visitors and staff.

Lithuanian and foreign tourists regularly visit Telšiai, which has become a pearl of tourism. With the rapid increase in their number, the goal of the Samogitian TIC is to improve and expand the tourism services provided in Telšiai district together with the team and institutions, organizations and entrepreneurs providing tourism services, to make Telšiai district even more popular and well-known in the tourism market. growth in tourism flows.