Bear trails

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Briefly about the route
1.3 km
5.5 h.
Route surface
100% Asphalt

Did you know that only in the capital of Samogitia you can see the most bear symbols?

You will find as many as 50 of them in Telšiai! For this reason, Telšiai is often called the city of bears.

A common question for tourists is why bears in Telšiai?

The bear is the totem of Samogitia, and Telšiai is the capital of Samogitia. According to the legend, Samogitians were raised by bears, so she is the patron saint of us, Samogitians.

Use this route to calculate how many bears you will find. Look at the bears next to each marked object / sculpture! It will also be the case that you will find even a few of these characters in one place. Bears come in a variety of sizes, so you need to be extra careful about the details.

Photo by P. Balčiūnas.


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