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The shores of Lake Mass


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The shore of Lake Massis is an important part of the recreational areas of the city of Telšiai for the recreation and recreation of residents, and for organizing various large-scale events for the public. Extension of existing and equipped new pedestrian and cycling paths in the territory of Lake Massis (network of pedestrian paths), lighting system conforming to modern technical and safety requirements, renovation of existing and new green spaces, repair of broken and new benches for recreation and sport small architectural elements: children's playgrounds, marina, equipped beach, where not only the city residents but also guests with families, events are organized to attract more and more visitors to the Sculpture Park on the shore of Lake Masis and the views of the lake. Telšiai Mastis lake shore is an attractive recreation and recreation area that meets the needs of the society and is suitable for quality family recreation and organization of events in Telšiai city.

The facility is adapted for people with reduced mobility.

Photos P. Balčiūnas, A. Žebrauskas


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