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Sculpture "Legends of Samogitia"

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Author / sculptor - Romualdas Quintas.
The architect is Algirdas Žebrauskas.

2008 a monument erected. The monument depicts a bear, the Samogitian mother, carrying a teddy bear and Samogitian on its back. The sculpture is reminiscent of the folk legends of bears who have helped Samogitians raise and bring up children. Here, with the gentle rubbing of the bear's nose, one can expect good wishes to come true.


  • Vy

    Kėita, truopne, tik ka jaunėije nanuor keravuoti tuos legendas. Visa kretingėjė, jaunikle tyčiuoms nerokoun žemaitėška. Saka, mas namuokam.....