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Sculpture for the Battle of Durbe

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Author and organizer of the idea arch. - prof. Algirdas Žebrauskas. The author is sculptor - Algirdas Bosas. Column decoration, blacksmith -Virginijus Mikuckis, map prof. Romualdas Inčirauskas.Master - Rimantas Mickevičius.

The monument is dedicated to the most important Samogitian, 13th-14th centuries. 1260 for the event of Lithuanian and Eastern Baltic history. July 13 The Battle of Durbe, in which the combined army of Samogitian tribes crushed the very powerful army of Livonia, Prussia, Denmark (Tallinn's crew) and King Charles of Sweden. This relentless victory of Samogitia determined the course of the development of the history of the whole Eastern Baltic countries and significantly influenced the Prussian insurgency led by Herkus Mantas, the liberation of the Semigallians and the Curonians.

Photo by A. Žebrauskas