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Monument to the Standing Dwelling House "Che's Childhood in Nuggets"

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Date of issue 2008

The memorial stone was unveiled on the site of the former home, near the city clock, in the Market Square. The costs of the monument were compensated by former residents of this yard J. Remėza from Telsiai, V. Butvilas from Klaipėda and A. Vinikas from Israel. All other concerns went to Bartk. It is said that this neighborhood may have contained over 10 residential houses. To this day, only a couple have survived. Much of the demolition began with the construction of the Tulip store and later the administrative building of the township. The landscape has also been transformed by Maxima, bank branches, their branches and other institutions. There was no cinema that Telšiškis liked. The Soviet Square was transformed into the Market Square for the old townspeople and became unrecognizable and maybe even foreign.