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Sculptures "Bears"

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Author - Simonas Grigutis, a graduate of the Faculty of Telšiai, Vilnius Academy of Arts.

Supervisor - Professor Romualdas Inčirauskas.

The author of the idea is professor, architect Algirdas Žebrauskas.


The playful teddy bears, perched on the six bridges on the tidy shores of Lake Masty, mimicking the works of art in the old town, seek to name the connection between the city and the water.

Bears are different:

Ashamed - on the bridge of the Bevardis stream;

Lying down and dreaming - on the Durbinis stream bridge;

Disguised (earning rest) - on the Telšė stream bridge;

Playing - on the Telšė stream bridge (at the children's playground);

Climbing up - on the island bridge;

Hidden - on the island bridge.