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Author and organizer of the idea arch. - prof. Algirdas Žebrauskas.

The first Samogitian carillon of 23 bells in present-day Samogitia was cast in the famous European and world-famous Dutch bell-mill ROYAL EIJSBOUTS for the final 600m of Samogitian baptism. commemorating the anniversary year (2013 - 2017). 1417m. For the only time in the history of the Catholic Church in the world, it was not the Pope but the Diocese of Constanta, the Diocese of Woodmen. The place chosen for it by Vytautas the Duke of the GDL is in Varniai. 1864 The Samogitian Bishop M.Valčius and the Curia were deported from Varniai to Kaunas (a key factor in the Lithuanianization of the city). In the territory of the historical Samogitian Diocese, 1926. After the establishment of the Lithuanian ecclesiastical province, the largest of the three dioceses remains the Telšiai Diocese. The Bishop's throne is established Antanas Paduvietis Cathedral, and the new diocese, starting with the prominent bishop of Telšiai J.Stugaitis, continues the tradition of the Samogitian Diocese (1417-1926).


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