THE OLD PAST OF Samogitia at the Samogitian Museum "ALKA"



Age of participants: 5-12 grade students and adults.

The tour will be conducted in 2015. installed in the archeological exposition. Participants are introduced to the old past of Samogitia from the end of the ice age to the baptism of Samogitia. The exposition tells about the oldest inhabitants of the Samogitian highlands, the emergence and settlement of the Samogitian tribe, the great development of the Samogitians in the 13th – 15th centuries. During the tour, the participants get acquainted with unique archeological exhibits, which testify to the life, armaments, jewelry and burial customs of the people living in Samogitia.

Duration: 1 hour
The session is led by a man. museologist Dalia Queen.


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