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Age of participants: preschoolers, students, adults.

Aim: to discuss the concept of wood symbolism in the culture of the Lithuanian nation, to get acquainted with wood processing, use in construction, interior products, and decoration in the old village of Samogitia.

Theoretical part. Participants inspect and discuss various possibilities of using wood in the Samogitian rural exposition:
- In architecture (construction of walls, roofs, shutters of residential buildings, monuments of small architecture, fences, wells).
- In the interior of the cottage (furniture, their decoration, dishes).
- Work tools (textile, cooking, tillage).

Practical part.
- Recognizes wood species.
- Monitors the chip cutting process.
- On the selected chips became the motif of the tree of life.

Duration: 45 min.
Head of the educational event museologist Salomėja Udovičienė

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