Age of participants: young people.

Aim: to get acquainted with the old traditions of grandmothers, to discuss friendships, engagements, wedding eve customs, the purpose of dowry.
Theoretical part: fellowship customs, engagement, bachelor party, wedding evening, dowry purpose are considered.
Practical part:
Girl's evening: After collecting country flowers, wreaths are braided for the girl. The future bride combs her hair and puts a wreath. Songs are playing. Weave a "dowry" with a machine, weave ribbons.

St. Bernard's Day: agricultural work is inspected: grass is cut with a scythe, firewood is chopped, animals are moved. Games played: "carpet", walking, pulling a wheelchair.
If possible, ride in a horse-drawn carriage.

Duration: 1 hour.
The session is chaired by a person. museologist Salomėja Udovičienė


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