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"The Telšiai Yeshiva: Persons, Connections and Destinies"


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What kind of people created the Telšiai yeshiva? What personalities hide behind famous rabbis' names? What stories are told by letters, documents, crowns and the walls of the Telšiai yeshiva brought to new life? Why did the yeshiva sound not only like the roaring sea of Torah, but also the thump of women's shoes on the pavement of New York and Philadelphia? How did kinship ties, friendships and love stories determine the life of the Telšiai yeshiva, the Telšiai Jewish community? How did you manage to preserve at least part of the history of the destroyed Jewish community of Telšiai? And how did Pranas Genys, the founder of the Žemaicai Museum "Alka", contribute to the preservation of the memory of the Telšiai Jews? Find out the answers to these and many other questions in the new excursion of the museum guide Romena Kazlauskė "Telšia yeshiva: persons, relationships and destinies".