Žemaitija Tourism Information Center

Sightseeing tour "Grain Road"


The journey of body and soul in the kingdom of trees and stones.
An unconventional visit to the forest, nature therapy, a maze of stones await you.
You will get strength and energy for a magical, wish-filling, even 7-stemmed Oak, which is 300 years old!
You will also visit the water mill, the history of which dates back to 1851, you will visit the museum located in the premises of the mill.
Together with the guide you will roll a grain road and get acquainted with the history of "Angelų Malūnas".
You will touch the authentic equipment of the mill with your own hands.

During the lecture "Lithuanian Good Bath" you will get to know the bath and the pleasures it provides as a source of strengthening physical and mental health. You will learn about the sauna microclimate, temperature, stoves, sunbeds, ventilation, odors, brooms and sauna processes.
Non-advanced program - general knowledge. The introduction takes place in the sauna and bathhouse.
You will taste local, fragrant herbal tea and our natural bee honey brought from Varniai Regional Park.

Number of people: from 10 people.
Attendance: All seasons. By prior arrangement.
Duration: about 3 hours.
Price: 18 Eur per person.