Age of participants: 1 - 12th grade students.

Aim: to provide knowledge about the significance of Samogitian mounds - archeological monuments, about archeological research of mounds, to acquaint with the material material of Samogitian mounds stored in the museum.
The first part of the session takes place in the archeological exposition, where there are excellent opportunities to show the network of mounds in Samogitia, to see unique exhibits - archeological finds. Participants will get acquainted with the archeological finds of archeological complexes (settlement, mound or cemetery): Medvėgalis, Šatrija, Paplienija, Gandinga. Get acquainted with work tools, jewelry and weapons. A unique and rare find in ancient settlements, the work tool is a clay or stone spindle for spinning. In the second, practical part of the session, which takes place in the education class, participants make a flywheel from a clay spindle and ornament it.

Duration: 1 hour

The session is led by the Chief of the Archeology Subdivision of the History Department. museologist Dalia Karalienė, chief. museologist-librarian Simona Drimbienė


Prices for educational classes and excursions in the Samogitian Museum "Alka" can be found here.


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