Aim: to explain the essence of propaganda with the help of the most typical publications of Soviet propaganda - books.

Age of participants: 7–12 grades. pupils, students, adults.

Short description of the activity:
Participants listen to the theoretical part about the essence of propaganda, methods, acquaintance with Soviet propaganda publications (books). Using well-known examples (Bishops Vincentas Borisevičius, Pranciškus Ramanauskas, priests Leonas Šapoka, Juozapas Zdebskis), it is explained how it is possible to distort reality by manipulating facts and what the meaning of the word is.
In the practical part of the session, participants have to select propaganda publications, as well as form two collages from the most typical quotations: one with real facts, the other false - from recognized tendentious statements.

Duration of the session - 45 min.
The session is led by a man. museologist-librarian Jurgita Gustytė-Ivinskienė.
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