Age of participants: preschoolers, students, adults.

Objectives: to get acquainted with the 19th century. pab. - XX a. pr. History and mythology of Samogitia, to understand the meaning of mythology in the human worldview, to develop creativity.
Theoretical part: participants acquire historical knowledge about Samogitian village buildings of that time, people's life, mythology. The Kaukas hologram (3D program) of the animated mythological Samogitian-speaking character acquaints the participants of the education with a mythological creature that “lives” next to people and enriches the goods provided by the earth.
Practical part: during the educational sessions, each participant of the education creates on his own chip or stone, using natural materials he produces and takes away the main character of the education - Kaukutis.

Duration of education - 45 min.
The session is led by a man. museologist Salomėja Udovičienė and museologist-digitizer Loreta Norvaišienė.

Prices for educational classes and excursions in the Samogitian Museum "Alka" can be found here.


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