Education is intended for students and adults, it consists of three interrelated structural parts: "City yesterday and today", "Building stories", "Famous people who lived in Telšiai".

Aim: to use the help of computer technologies to compare the images of the city of the past and the present, to review the 19th century. pab. - XX a. I p. The history of the city of Telšiai and individual buildings, the institutions operating in them, the famous people who lived and worked here.
Participants acquire knowledge of the history of Telšiai, deepen the knowledge of history acquired during formal education, in the interactive animated game "Recognize the place" they test their attention by recognizing frequently seen images of the city, and consolidate the acquired knowledge by taking tests.
Education can be adapted to the specific needs of visitors, one or more selected topics can be analyzed.
More information about education and the project can be found here:

Duration of education - 1 hour.
Education is led by librarian-archivist Janina Bucevičė, museologist-digitizer Loreta Norvaišienė, chief. museologist Irma Kontautienė.
Prices for educational classes and excursions in the Samogitian Museum "Alka" can be found here.


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