Age of participants: students in grades 2–12, adults.

Aim: To develop the participants' imagination, free artistic thinking, to get acquainted with the secrets of glass decoration.

Short description of the activity:
Children's art education is an opportunity to experience the joy of creativity, being and creating together, dreaming and embodying artistic fantasies, developing artistic taste, sharing experiences, learning from each other.
Participants are provided with various tools, as well as glass, glue, providing glass products sintering service. Participants are offered a program of working with waste glass, producing glass miniatures, pendants and jewelry. Creating more complex pieces of glass would take more than one session.

Duration: 1 hour
The classes are led by glass art painter and museologist-educator Vygantas Paulauskas.
Prices for educational classes and excursions in the Samogitian Museum "Alka" can be found here.


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