Age of participants: pre-school age (5-6 years) and 1-4 grade children.

Aim: to acquaint children with the birds living in Samogitia, to listen to the sounds of wildlife and to recognize them in the natural environment, to pay attention to the processes taking place in nature at different times of the year, using the unique publication "Ežerėlis talos".

Description of the activity: listening to the fairy tale "Bird Song Festival" in the Museum's Nature Exposition, you will get to know the birds, see them in the exposition, learn to attribute their voice to the bird, imitate them, learn why birds suck more often in spring and which one is the loudest.
The educational session is conducted in the Museum's Nature Exposition.
A group of children or a family (5 members and more) who participated in the educational activity is given a book by A. Kazragis “Tales of a Lake” published by the museum.

Duration: 45 min.
The session is led by a man. museologists Irma Kontautienė, Nijolė Laukytė.

Prices for educational classes and excursions in the Samogitian Museum "Alka" can be found here.


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