Author's excursion "Telšiai through pink glasses / Shore of Maste Lake / come, see, hear"

Excursions, Telšiai

The aim of the tour: to acquaint the participants of the tour with the oasis of art, science and culture of Telšiai, located on the western shore of Lake Mutis and the famous personalities who studied, created and worked there.

Short description:
The western shore of Telšiai Lake Mutis, like Vilnius Užupis, surprises every passer-by with works of art. The flow of time and the shore of the lake, as if the painting reflects the aura of the personalities who created and worked there. And perhaps it is not surprising that this place was chosen between the wars as the most suitable to start the modernist era of Telšiai. Powerful objects of art, culture and history became the luminaries not only of Samogitia, but also of the whole of Lithuania, which made the city of Telšiai famous and still famous today.



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