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Telšiai is a city on seven hills

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Briefly about the route
9 km
4 h.
Route surface
100% Asphalt

Telšiai is like Rome, built on seven hills!
So let's try to travel through all the hills, or maybe we will find even more of them?

Start the journey from Vilnius Hill, on which stands St. Assumption of the Virgin Mary
church (Šviesos str. 2, Telšiai), Telšiškės is called a small church. It was founded in 1536. the king
Sigismund I. The old wooden parish church has been burned and rebuilt many times.

From Vilnius Hill you can see Zaks Hill, also known as Zax Hill. This hill is located on the shores of Lake Masty. This is a great place to relax and take a walk.

If you want to travel further in Telšiai Old Town, climb the highest hill - Insulas. Impressive sacral objects stand on this hill: the only cathedral of such a layout in Lithuania, a seminary, a bishop's palace. From Insula Hill, turn towards Mill Hill. It is so called because in the old days it stood here
mill. Today we will find St. St. Nicholas Church (Žalgirio St. 8). This is the only Cubism
style church in Lithuania.
Continue to the Green Hill, where the Samogitian Museum "Alka" is located (Muziejaus St. 31,
Telšiai). The museum was founded in 1932. Samogitian ancient amateur society ALKA. It's famous
The Samogitian Museum has accumulated many valuable exhibits. ( currently the museum is closed for reconstruction )

Another nearby hill is pigs, located on Darius and Girėno streets.

On the outskirts of the city you will find another - Džiugas Hill. Legend has it that Telšius was founded by the Samogitian hero Džiugas Telšys, and this hill is his tomb. Legend has it that the woman of the giant Džiugas died ill, and with his tears he forced Lake Masti and decided longingly to be buried on this hill.

After completing this route, you visited all 7 hills of the city! Well, now there are 50 more bear characters left to find .. :) But about that on another route ...

Photo: Laurynas Normantas


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