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Show your pet the capital of Samogitia

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Briefly about the route
9 km
7 h.
Route surface
100% Asphalt

Do you always take your pet with you when traveling?

Take your pet with you when going to Telšiai!

The city has a recreational area - the shore of Lake Masty, which surprises with its panorama, excellent paths for pedestrians and cyclists, children's playgrounds and recreation areas. While walking on the shore, you can also visit the Telšiai City Amphitheater, Zaksas Hill, and see works of art in the sculpture park of the Telšiai Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts. From the coast you can get to the Old Town of Telšiai, where you will find narrow streets and art signs. In the Old Town, next to the sculpture "Town Hall Well", you can quench your thirst and drink your pet drinking water.

If you still lack excitement - we suggest you travel to Lake Ilgis, where you will find nature trails.

During the route, we invite you to visit the tourist information center, where you will receive all the necessary information, find information publications, authentic souvenirs (animal-friendly place).

More animal friendly places in Telšiai: https://draugiskigyvunams.lt/vietos/

* The route is suitable for walking, but we recommend traveling to Lake Ilgis by car or bicycle.


Photo authors: P. Balčiūnas, A. Žebrauskas.



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