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Road of manors of Telšiai region

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Briefly about the route
83 km
6.5 h.
Route surface
90% Asphalt
10% Dirt road

What do Telšiai region manors remember? Let's start the trip from Džiuginėnai manor (Džiuginėnai village, Gadūnavas sen.). It is located about 4 km from Telšiai, near the famous Džiuginėnai mound, which, according to legend, is the tomb of the giant Džiugas, the founder of Telšiai. The life of this manor is connected with the Gorskiai family of landowners famous in Samogitia, writer Žemaitė, Samogitian art researcher, artist J. Perkovskis.

Another manor is Brėvikiai (Brėvikiai village, Gadūnavas sen.), Which can be reached from Alsėdžiai town. S. Narutavičius (1862–1932), a landowner, the founder of the Alsėdžių Respublikos, a signatory of the Lithuanian Act of Independence, was born in this manor. His brother G. Narutavičius (1865–1922) was a well-known research professor. elected the first President of the Republic of Poland. To this day, a wooden dwelling house (palace), a barn, the remains of a basement, part of the old manor alley have survived. The preparation of the S. Narutavičius Museum has started.

We continue to Pavirvytis manor (Tryškiai, Telšiai district). This is the 18th century. early wooden mansion, once owned by the noble Šemetas. After Napoleon's expedition to Russia, the French lieutenant P. Druve remained in the manor, and his family lived in the manor until 1919.

And the last stop in Biržuvėnai manor (Biržuvėnai village, Luokė sen.). Today Biržuvėnai is a valuable 18th-19th century an example of a large wooden manor homestead, reflecting the natural development of such homesteads during the period of feudalism. The architecture of the buildings reflects the development of the manor house for more than 200 years, encompassing the epochs of Baroque, Classicism and Historicism.

Manor house in 2004 burned at the end. Prior to the fire in the gentlemen's house, there was a library and a museum exposition. 2005 A treasure was found in Biržuvėnai manor - porcelain of the Gorskiai family of counts - a total of 290 porcelain dishes, two silver-plated vases for champagne, which were handed over to the Samogitian Diocese Museum for safekeeping. Most of the porcelain found in the 19th century. Saxon manufactory.

2011 In the reconstructed gentleman's house, an attempt was made to preserve the authenticity: the house is decorated with antique-style furniture, fireplaces with 18th century tiles, chimney, floor tilesOne living room has a library. The buildings near the gentlemen's house are being rebuilt: an office, a stable and a carriage.



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