Monument to the partisans killed in Kiškelevičiai village


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Monumental stone in 1947 May 17 Telšiai aps. Luokės vls. Kiškelviečių k. In the homestead of Antanas Najulis in the battles with the soldiers of the 32nd Rifle Regiment of the MGB Internal Army and MGB Luokė vls. Stasys Beniulis-Senelis, the deputy commander of the Šatrija district of the Samogitian district, Alfonsas Kondrotas-Barzdelė, the commander of the Luokė company, Alfonsas Mironas-Vaidila, partisans, Domininkas Paplauskas-Jokšas (Joškis?) and May 31 In memory of Vladas Andruška-Sakalinis, partisans of the Varniai company of the Šatrija team, Benedikta Andruškaitė, Petras Čiuteikis and Zosė Valiulytė, a liaison between partisans, who died in a bunker in the bunker of Povilas Andrijauskas homestead.

Unveiled in 2007 July 14 farmer Vytautas Kondrotas, Lithuanian Armed Forces Creators Volunteer Union and LPKTS Telšiai Branch.

Photo by A. Beresnevičius, 2007


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