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Enjoy a holiday on the shores of Lake Masty

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Briefly about the route
1.1 km
3.5 h.
Route surface
100% Asphalt

Giant Džiugas forced the lake of Mass into a legend. And these days without this legend
we do not do it because we want to search again and again for the treasures of our history passed down from generation to generation. Kiti
further recounts that a large treasure was drowned at the bottom of Lake Masty by curious city guests
There are many interesting things on the shore of Lake Masty: renovated and equipped hiking and cycling trails, modern
lighting system, new benches arranged and installed. Sitting on a bench, listening to the lake
battle of the waves bouncing off the shore, you can rest. Kids will swing on horseback games
on the site or pour a sand castle. At that time you will still admire the marina, the beach, you will see
the beauty of Telšiai city on the horizon. In the evening, take a walk and enjoy the nightlife of the city

Walking along the coast during the summer, you can see a fountain that glows in a variety of colors in the dark.

Next to the coast, you can take the stairs or the elevator to Telšiai Old Town, where you will find the amphitheater.

Tents are compared to Rome! Yes, because these cities have many common similarities. You will find three rotundas on the coast. The history of their origin dates back to the times of the Roman Empire. They were installed in parks as gazebos. Rotonda - a place of rest.

Afterwards, you will travel to the sculpture park. The authors of this idea are prof. A. Žebrauskas and doc. O. Neniškis.
Developers - Telšiai Technical School of Applied Arts, Telšiai Higher School of Applied Arts
and graduates of the Telšiai Faculty of the Vilnius Academy of Arts. The formation of the sculpture park has started,
is constantly supplemented with new student works to open up Telšiai faculty, art education
history since 1931. The initiators of the idea seek to turn the park into a bridge to art in the most diverse way

You want to see, hear, try for yourself how an iron is beaten on an anvil, a stone is hammered until
turns into a work of art? Lecturers of the Telšiai Faculty of the Vilnius Academy of Arts can tell about it,
who have workshops where students are taught the secrets of art ..

Water and electric bicycles can be rented on the coast during the warm season.

Photos by P. Balčiūnas and professor, architect A. Žebrauskas



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