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Orienteering Sports Club TELŠIAI

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Orienteering Sports Club "Telšiai" was founded in 2002. 18 years ago the club was united by only 5 members. Today, the club already has more than 40 active leisure athletes who work together to achieve the highest possible team and personal results.

The club develops orienteering in Telšiai district. Therefore, from 2009 Every two years, a multi-day orienteering competition "Telšē" is organized in the Telšiai area. Participants from all over Lithuania and other countries are invited to try out other forests of Samogitia in the four-day competition.

Every year, Telšiai Orienteering Sports Club attracts more and more forest and nature-loving enthusiasts who try orienteering in mass trainings. Currently, the club is implementing the sports project “MOVE TOGETHER WITH THE ORIENTATION SPORTS CLUB“ TELŠIAI ”” (No. SRF-SIĮ-2019-1-0118), which is co-financed by the State Sports Support Fund (administered by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports). Implementing this sports project, the club aims to popularize orienteering, running, cycling, skiing and create favorable conditions for sports enthusiasts of all ages to participate in active scientific activities, creating an attractive system of training high-achieving athletes not only in Telšiai district, but throughout the country.

The vision of the club is to become the most attractive orienteering base not only in Samogitia, but also in Lithuania and to be recognized as the best center for training, skills development and the organization of the highest level competitions.