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Siraičiai manor


Siraičiai manor until 1871. belonged to Counts Opulskis. Motiejus Opulskis Siraičius wrote a will to his son Jurgis Opulskis. Jurgis' sister Gertrūda married Pranciškus Andrijauskas, a landowner from Kentraliai who lived nearby (near Luokė). 1829 In the centers they had a son, Engelbert Leopold. Jurgis Opulskis wrote Siraičius to his nephew Engelbert Andrijauskas. 1868 In the family of Engelbertas Leopoldas and Malvina Andrijauskas, a son Leopoldas Petras Andrijauskas was born, the future artist and the last Siraičiai landlord. He studied art in St. Petersburg, Munich, lived in Paris and Warsaw, and since 1907. In Kentraliai, often going to his father's house in Palanga, where he painted a lot. 1910 After the death of his father, Leopoldas Petras Andrijauskas moved to the manor house inherited by his father - Siraičius, where he lived until his death. Buried in Telšiai cemetery (Gėlių str.) Near parents. Landscapes and portraits painted by Leopoldas Andrijauskas are in the Alka Museum in Telšiai.
Cross in 1905 built on the land of the manor on the initiative of the owner of the manor Engelbertas Leopoldas Andrijauskas. He commemorated the cross in 1863. the memory of the brothers Bonaventur, Vladimir and his own, who took part in the uprising. The mythological Devil's Stone was used for the pedestal. It is believed that the stone was pulled from another place, and during the construction of the cross, part of the stone was cut off.


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