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Pasatria Mound (Satatia)


The most famous, most visited hill in Telšiai district. The mound is located 1.5 km southwest of the Luokė – Šaukėnai road. It rises above sea level in 228 m. The western and eastern slopes of the mound are very steep, more than 25 m high. The site at the top is oval in shape, 60x60 m in size. Bright embankments on the south side of the slope.

1835 excavations took place in the mound. According to archeological finds, it dates back to the 1st millennium. after Kr. the second half - II thous. the beginning. According to researchers, a wooden castle stood on the hill in ancient times, and people lived on the slopes.

Researchers claim that in ancient times there was one of the most important pagan temples of this region on Mount Šatrija, the significance of which disappeared after the baptism of Samogitia. There have been many legends and myths about this mound for a long time. From Šatrija there are views of the hilly Samogitia of unique beauty. On a sunny day, you can even see Medvėgalis Hill, which is 35 km away. The Woman's, Sprūdė, Girgždūtė and several other mounds are much brighter.