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Monument "To Commemorate the Partisans of Samogitia County and the Freedom Fights"

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Sculptor - R.Midvikis, architect - Algirdas Žebrauskas

The initiative for the appearance of this monument was first demonstrated by the Telsiai political prisoners and deportees. For several years there was a pebble with a note on the future monument. The monument was financed by the Lithuanian Resistance and Genocide Research Center. Such monuments will be found in the centers of all county districts of the country. In the post-war period, the invaders in the Telšiai district were opposed by the Samogitian Legion and later by the Samogitian, Šatrija, Alka and Kardas teams. Hundreds of these select fighters died in the battles. The monument is also dedicated to the memory of the freedom struggles of 1831, 1863, 1918, 1991.