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Telšiai is the first city in Lithuania after Vilnius where a professional photographer worked. 1860 the first photo studio owned by local watchmaker Chaim Arenson was registered here. The most famous photographer in Telšiai was Chaimas Kaplanskis, who started working in Telšiai in 1894. in a private house in Didžioji st. 6 (now a five-storey house on that site, Respublikos str. 20). From the 20th century. from the second decade to 1941. Three more Jewish photographers successfully worked in Telšiai: V. Šabselbanas (his bulk warehouses and salon were in the building of the current Exhibition Hall), H. Leibovičius (his studio "Dailė" was in Didžioji str. 78), F. Boruchovičius (salon "Menas" was in Didžioji St. 36).

Photo from the archives of the Samogitian Museum "Alka".