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House of Bishop Motiejus Valančius


A house with 1850-1864 Motiejus Valančius, a bishop, historian, writer, prominent figure of the Church and society, lived in. The building of the bishop's manor in this place was built after 1680. after the great Varniai fire, the site of the old manor was designated for the construction of a brick cathedral. The current building was built in the 19th century. In the 1930s. After becoming the Samogitian bishop, M. Valančius moved the bishops' residence from Alsėdžiai to Varnius. In addition to social and educational activities as the city governor, the bishop also takes care of the city's development - on his initiative, the streets are managed, a doctor, a pharmacy, a post office, a bookstore are established, and the bishops' residence is repaired. 1851–1855 Simonas Daukantas, invited by the bishop to Varnius, also lived in this house. Inside the building there was a large enough hall for official receptions, a buffet, the office of Bishop M. Valančius, and on the other side were the representative rooms of the bishop. The bishop's residence included a building for servants, a barn, a stable, and a chariot. 1864 After the Russian tsarist government removed the Curia from the Samogitian diocese of Varniai and Bishop M. Valančiai to Kaunas, the building was used for various purposes. The house had a porch that was demolished in the postwar years. 2018 the house has been renovated.