Cross in 1949 September 28 in memory of the guerrillas killed at night


A cross in a bunker installed in this place in 1949. September 28 at night MGB Telšiai aps. In memory of Antanas Feliksas, Justinas Blažiejus-Jurgis, Vytautas Vaclovas-Vyturėlis Vasiliauskas, the commander of the Luokė platoon of the Žematčiai district Šatrija team, who were killed during the military operation carried out by the military-Chekist group.

Aut. Alfred and Romualdas Jonušai.
Unveiled in 2004 September 18 by the care of sister Genovaitė Vasiliauskaitė-Šniukštienė.

Varniai forest district, Biržuvėnai forest. 1536 quarter Plot 11

Photo by A. Beresnevičius, 2004


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