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"MEETING WITH POETS AND POETRY" - two creative meetings that will take place on the eve of the Poetry Spring.

"MEETING WITH POETS AND POETRY" - two creative meetings that will take place on the eve of "Poetry Spring".
Wednesday, May 11, 2 p.m. Telšiai residents are welcome in Varniai library, and at 5 p.m. - Telsiai d. sav. Karolina Praniauskaitė Public Library.

Creative communion can begin with the most unexpected circumstances. Here the poets Valdas Daškevičius, Steponas Algirdas Dačkevičius and Vytautas Stulpinas put the letters together. V. Daškevičius was intrigued by the fact that a poet with a similar surname lived in Telšiai - SA Dačkevičius, thus the idea arose to hold meetings of three poets with readers in Telšiai. In May, the people of Telšiai are invited to the diptych of creative conversations "Meeting with Poets and Poetry".

There is no need to introduce SA Dačkevičius to the people of Telšiai - in this city he is known not only as an interesting poet of a distinctive character, but also as a long-term editor and journalist of the newspaper Kalvotoji Žemaitija. The poet has published five books, and his work has been published in almanacs and collections. His work is characterized by a frugal but capacious word, the depth of the text offsetting the laconic passages.

The people of Telšiai also know V. Stulpinas well - a countryman, the initiator of cultural projects. The poet has just published a new book of poetry, The Slow. In this book, V. Stulpinas seems to be documenting the surrounding environment with a slowly penetrating gaze, rivers pulsating with the life of poetry, grass covered with shadows, and an all-encompassing longing flows through the material world.

V. Daškevičius, who recently released the creative collection "All the Remaining Time", says that he is looking forward to the events in Telšiai - both as an opportunity to meet the brothers of the pen and as an opportunity to communicate with readers. Although V. Daškevičius' life experiences were not in Telšiai, the people of Telšiai will also like his poetry: the new book is perfectly structured, the variety of forms provided by the poems reflects the most important stages of the author's work.

During the events, poets will read the latest poems, discuss literature, and search for connections that bring them together. V. Stulpinas and V. Daškevičius will present the latest books. They were both published by Slinktys.

The event will be moderated by poet Juozas Žitkauskas, director of Slinkčiai.

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