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The activities of the Gallery integrate many directions from exhibition activities to international plein airs and separate representation bars related to the VDA Telšiai faculty, Lithuanian Artists' Union, Danish and Geothe cultural institutes and foreign embassies.

VDA Telšiai Gallery is the only non-commercial gallery in the city that aims to introduce the Academy to the public and promote artistic curiosity. It functions as an educational base of the VDA Telšiai Faculty. There are coursework reviews, public defense of bachelor theses and diploma ceremonies. Every year there is a celebration of the beginning of the school year.

2016 In 2006, the renewed Telšiai Gallery of Vilnius Academy of Arts hosts regular exhibitions of fine and applied art, art projects, plenary sessions, seminars for the artistic community and the general public. It is an active center of cultural and artistic life of the community of Telšiai city and its surrounding areas. Exhibition spaces are available to the teachers, students and invited artists of the Vilnius Academy of Arts.

There is constant cooperation with educational institutions, maintaining information contacts with gymnasium art and technology teachers, children's art schools. Excursions, meetings with artists and other educational activities are organized for students.

2015 The Center for Applied Cultural Heritage Research and Conservation was established near the VDA Telšiai Gallery. Researches, trainings, conferences of furniture restoration and conservation are carried out here.

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