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Telšiai Culture Center

Entertainment, Telšiai

The activities of the Telšiai District Municipality Cultural Center are multifaceted and diverse. The mission of the institution is to provide quality cultural services by educating and educating consumers of different ages and needs.

There are 14 art amateur groups in Telšiai Culture Center, where about 400 local residents spend their free time and meet their artistic needs. The institution, independently and in constant cooperation with other Telšiai city and district budget institutions and the business sector, organizes on average about 300 various events per year: concerts, commemorations, performances, exhibitions, educational classes, seminars, film evenings, trips, etc.

Working creatively and innovatively, the Cultural Center creates conditions for the dissemination of ethnic culture, popularizes old cultural traditions and customs, organizes activities of amateur art lovers, studies, groups, entertainment, educational and other events, commemorations, facilitates the dissemination of professional art and satisfies socio-cultural needs of the community.

The pulse of culture is especially felt in Telšiai. And probably not by chance, the Telšiai Culture Center, implementing these functions, has accumulated a rich experience of the local community in providing cultural services.

The goal of the institution is to constantly look for attractive and persuasive forms of communication with the public, paying special attention to the expression of creative self-expression of community members, spreading spiritual development, personal development, cultural development.

Checkout hours:

IV 11:00 - 13:00 and 16: 00-18: 00 The cash register is also open before 1 p.m. before the event.