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Rural tourism

Those looking for the best are invited to visit the rural tourism homestead "Kaimo rojus". It is a great place for celebrations: weddings, anniversaries, christenings, class and friends meetings, conferences or seminars for up to 70 guests.

The homestead is close to Telšiai. It is only 10 kilometers away from the road Telšiai - Varniai. So there should be no problems for either wheeled or riders. The homestead is suitable for both summer and winter celebrations.

Guests have excellent conditions for accommodation. It can sleep 60 people at a time: on the second floor there are three rooms, a hall, a bathroom with a toilet (on the first and second floor). Who will be short of accommodation - specially adapted areas and spaces in tents. For the convenience of the newlyweds - a separate cottage with a wide bed. There are 2 spacious gazebos: one for dancing, the other for quiet rest, barbecue, sitting with loved ones.

The hall for celebrations and events is in a spacious area. You can admire the spectacular nature through its large windows. The most important thing for your family celebration or other event is not to take care of cooking and serving at the table, because the food prepared in the homestead is always fresh, tasty, beautifully served, and even the most discerning guests will not be disappointed with the culinary skills of the hosts. There are all utensils and other necessary inventory. Decorate the tables according to your wishes, the chosen color and the layout of the tables.

The homestead also has a spacious sauna, next to which is a small sauna hall, which can accommodate up to 20 people.

There is something to do for fishermen as well: the pond is deep and fishy. A playground has been specially adapted for children, where they will be interested in wooden swings, etc. The homestead has a spacious parking lot, which can accommodate all guests' cars, there will be no problems for buses and limousines.

The most important thing is privacy. A quiet, cozy and private environment will ensure a peaceful rest for everyone in the ever-renewing homestead. Only you, your guests and service staff will be in the homestead.

We aim to create a pleasant and cozy environment for you to feel away from the routine, relaxed, full of new ideas and forces when you return home!


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