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Rural tourism

Flowering meadows, strawberry-scented wilderness, ducks crying in the pond, freshly picked cucumber with honey ... Yes, it's with us. The homestead is furnished without pretentiousness or allusions to luxury. It is a great combination of rural tranquility and city amenities, good access and a nearby forest with a 14-hectare recreational park.

More than 200 couples have already jumped at the wedding in the ancient barn. Christenings, anniversaries, birthdays, meetings of friends and relatives are also celebrated. We can arrange catering (prices depend on the number of people, so call), accommodation, room and table decoration, take care of musicians, evening hosts, photographers, housewives and bartenders.


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An amateur lover will find a paintball field in the homestead. Paintball is a very democratic game, it can be played by men, women and children. You can have a great time with friends, make a birthday party for your kids, maintain the good fighting spirit and physical shape of your employees.

The new sauna is primarily for sauna fans. It helps to regain strength, enriches the spirit and, most importantly, strengthens health. If the sauna is free, it is ready within three hours of your call. All separate sauna entertainment is for up to 15 people at a time. Inside there are cozy rooms for parties (15 people), all amenities (WC, shower, refrigerator). On the second floor there are rooms for accommodation (10 people). Outside - garden furniture with fireplace.

For the sixth year in a row, groups of foreigners from Studiosus who want to get to know Lithuania have been going to taste the culinary heritage. So not to mention the Samogitian, for whom onions, hemp, castles are the key word for home wherever they are.


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    Buvo labai smagi degustacinė vakarienė. Su šokiais, su žaidimais. O paskui kelionė į parką, žmonės,jūs neįsivaizduojate kaip ten smagu. Gražinos sodybos pasaka. Važiuokite, važiuokite.