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Jomants Forest Cognitive Trail

Cognitive trails

The Jomantai forest trail winds through the Jomantai forest, Varniai forest district. This forest is a part of Varniai Regional Park. It is rich in natural monuments. These are Jomantai and Triliemenis oaks, Jomantai stone, Aklaežeris (Vokštelis) - a unique lake where the water level changes every year due to the peculiarities of feeding.

The main purpose of the Jomantai forest trail is cognitive: to provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the forest, natural monuments, forest inhabitants, the benefits of the forest for people, the work of a forester, forestry in the forest, old traditions.

The route of the trail is divided into conditional parts: "Forest Gods' Habitat", "Medžiofono Square", "Obstacle Course", "Swing Site", "Black Secrets Trail", "Inkilų Alley", "Bunny School". There are information stands and respite areas. To diversify the trip, the trail is enlivened by various forest secrets and attractions

Photo: Varniai Regional Park