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Artistic plate for the Samogitian language

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ARTISTIC PLATE (Samogitian languages)

Terms LANGUAGE and ARMAR is a very close concept. After all, the natural dialect is also the native language inherited from your parents, from the land where you were born and raised, where your true roots are. And it is only much later that another, second, the common language of the nation is learned. Finally, all languages are derived from some dialect, so it is quite understandable that a dialect can also be given the status of a language.

Juozas Pabrėža "Samogitian LANGUAGE AND WRITING"

The work consists of five parts: one embossed (burnt surface) stone slab and four Samogitian stone boulders.

The main accent of the artistic plate is an embossed plate with engraved Samogitian words. It is like a kind of map of Samogitian land, showing the beauty and authenticity of the Samogitian language.

Three stones (like peculiar hills, mounds, islands ...) with bronze plaques are located around the central plate and interspersed in it. The first is from the bottom up on the historical aspect (connection with the Baltic language group). The second reminds of the linguistic differences of the Samogitians themselves (Northern Samogitians, Southern Samogitians, Western Samogitians). At the top - with the help of a QR code, it will be possible to hear the sound of the Samogitian language (dialect) ("scrolling"). And the lower stone (Corner) itself is intended for all custodians, nurturers and disseminators of the goodwill Samogitian language (dialect).