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Tennis court complex "Smešas"


"Smash" (smash - a racket shot over the head during an attack) is the only complex of indoor tennis courts in Samogitia, located in the renovated metal foundry in Rainiai, near Telšiai.

Modern 1500 sq. M. m. area sports complex consists of two indoor tennis courts and a gym. The complex has spacious changing rooms, showers, a sauna and a tennis shop.

The new space hosts outdoor tennis championships and amateur tournaments, in which athletes from different Samogitian cities and tennis enthusiasts of various professions compete. About 50 people can watch the competition in the arena. Meals and drinks are provided at the café-bar during events.

The tennis courts of the Smešas Arena are covered with a special carpet made in Germany with pellets, which is used in arenas that meet international standards for outdoor tennis sports.

The beginning of the modern sports space activity - in 2016. October. You can train in the arena all year round.