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Rural tourism

Rural tourism homestead "Pastogė", located in the heart of Samogitia - 15.6 km from Telšiai city,

you can spend a quiet summer or winter vacation, stay while traveling, on business trips, organize

have a great party or just spend a quiet evening by the fireplace, warm up in the sauna, stay in the fresh air, swim in the pond, fish, and bake the catch on the campfire.

During the warm season, holidaymakers are also invited to pick mushrooms and berries, and not forgetting the pleasures of winter, we offer excellent conditions for both children and adults to descend the sledge. In the homestead "Pastogė" there will always be activities for the little ones, who can fly the "air train", swing or play in the sandbox. The homestead has 2 double rooms, sauna, banquet hall for 30 people, bicycles, fishing.

We invite everyone who wants to feel the spirit of Samogitian countryside, longing for nature and privacy. Visit us!