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Resort "From Civilization To Nature"

Rest house

From Civilization to Nature is an off grid (when there is no electricity, water or other grid) complex designed for people to escape from civilization and immerse themselves in the pleasure of peace provided by nature. In the resort, electricity is replaced by candlelight, and the river water after the hot bath becomes the best personal spa. The complex consists of three separate modular houses. One has a sleeping area with beds and bedding, and the other has a lounge area with an extra sofa bed. Both spaces have separate fireplaces, so you can feel comfortable in the cottage all year round. The third space has an ancient sauna. There is no shower in the sauna, but the Virvytė River is nearby, and there is already prepared water in the sauna. The cottage also has a kitchenette with drinking water, cooking utensils and tools, a gas stove, a barbecue and a barbecue. As in the camp, there is a bowl ready for washing dishes and cold water that can be heated. And for those who want to take a break from cooking, we can offer to order "Shatri legend" food preparations.