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Rural tourism

Danutė homestead is located 5.5km from Telšiai town, in the direction of Seda, on the road 161. The homestead is in a farmstead, so there is no city noise and transport connection. The homestead complex includes a sauna building, a guest house, a 0.7ha pond, a children's playground, a rooftop barbecue and a shallow pond for children. The right place to celebrate a small wedding (up to 34 people). Groups of people and individuals can rest in the homestead. The sauna building is located on the bank of the pond with an outdoor terrace. Bathhouse Building Ia. there is a party sauna for up to 15 people, a mini kitchen, and IIa. - WC and common area with bedroom beds (7 beds). Guest house Ia. there is a hall with a fireplace for parties up to 34 people, kitchen and WC, IIa. - bedrooms (13 beds). Sauna and guest house can be rented separately. There is no catering service in the homestead. Meals can be prepared in the kitchen or ordered from regional catering companies. Customers are provided with utensils, utensils, switches, tablecloths, white sheets and firewood for barbecue. The homestead will certainly surprise you with its privacy and coziness, fishing, boating and swimming in the pond. So if you want real rest, come to Danuta.


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