Travel in Lithuania - get to know Jewish heritage.

Travel in Lithuania - get to know Jewish heritage.

This time we offer to follow in the footsteps of Jewish culture in Lithuania. A newly created map of Jewish heritage will help you to find the most interesting and historically significant Jewish synagogues, quarters, memorials and other structures -

With it, you can easily create a meaningful and enriching itinerary or find out which Jewish heritage sites are close to where you live or visit. The map was created by implementing the EU co-financed project “E-marketing of Jewish cultural heritage in priority tourism regions in Lithuania”. Artūras Taicas, the chairman of the Jewish Cultural Heritage Road Association, which is implementing the project, encourages more travel in Lithuania and at the same time discovering the objects of Lithuanian Jewish heritage.

"The history of Lithuanian Jews is rich and interesting, but still little known. Even living very close to Jewish heritage sites, we sometimes don’t know what stories they hide. It is also worth remembering that the history of Lithuanian Jews is also the history of every Lithuanian. If we are interested in it, we can understand a lot about our nation, ”says A. Taicas.

The newly created map will help you quickly find places worth visiting and provide additional information about Jewish heritage: quarters, wooden and brick synagogues, buildings associated with famous people of the Jewish people. You will also be able to find historical information about each object, the itinerary and nearby attractions. Thematic maps are specially designed for wooden synagogues and Jewish heritage sites in major Lithuanian cities. Don't have the opportunity to travel? Short video stories will help to get to know Jewish heritage better. It remains to find some time and embark on a journey through the most interesting roads of Lithuanian Jewish history.



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