The Žemaitija Tourism Information Center invites you to the ADVENTUR 2020 exhibition

Telšiai at Adventur 2020 International Exhibition

The capital of Samogitia - This year Telšiai will be distinguished not only by its peculiar Samogitian temperament, but also by its special love for its country. For the first time, Samogitians from Lithuania and around the world will be invited to participate in the Samogitian Census. This initiative will be continued in Telšiai.

Coming to our booth you will also have the opportunity to learn the art of weaving, to learn the subtleties of casting, to meditate on drawing on glass, and to hang out with the teddy bear symbol of Telšiai.

For those who enjoy a pleasant experience, we will offer baths massages in the bathhouse, and we invite all those who like to spend their leisure time to swim in the water.

Let's meet at the Adventur 2020 International Exhibition on January 24-26 !


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