Telšiai Culture Center vocal instrumental group "Gramophone" - 1st degree winners in the "Silver Voices 2020" competition

"Silver Voices" is a chamber vocal olympiad, which aims to nurture the chamber vocal music genre and encourage its performers. This is the largest competition of the country's vocal ensembles and soloists organized by the Lithuanian National Cultural Center. 1971 these events have received competition status and are held periodically every five years. "Silver Voices" takes place in three rounds - local, regional and republican.

A record number of participants took part in the country's largest competition of vocal ensembles and soloists "Silver Voices" - over 300 groups organized performances in the selection rounds. December 8 The winners of the "Silver Voices" were announced at the meeting of the final stage of the competition, which was evaluated by the commission according to the artistic level of the performance, the originality of the program, and the stage culture.

This, still in 2019. The Silver Voices competition for the pandemic, which began in 2010, was postponed to 2021 and took place in a virtual space after the break. The participants of the competition organized by the Lithuanian National Culture Center were evaluated and the winners were selected by the competent commission: Prof. of the Department of Choir Conducting of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater. Dainius Puišys, artistic director of the jazz school, composer Artūras Novikas, choir conductors Kęstutis Jakeliūnas and Danguolė Beinarytė, chairman of the commission - choir conductor, director of the vocal studio “Kivi” Danguolė Aukselienė.

In the final stage of the group of chamber ensembles, out of the 14 participating groups, the vocal tertiary of the vocal instrumental group “Gramofonas” of the Telšiai Culture Center (Monika Stripeikienė, Sergėj Simonenko and leader Robertas Tekorius) won the 3rd place and became the 1st degree winners. The diploma and award were presented by Valentinas Bukauskas, Member of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania.

"Gramofonas" was formed in 2001 at the Telšiai Culture Center and is composed of professionals, so their genre is a wide range, which intertwines popular and old pop songs, records and country music. Having accumulated a large number of works in the repertoire during the year, he actively performs not only in Telšiai and Telšiai district, but also in festivals of various Lithuanian cities and towns, such as the Samogitian region folk music festival festival "Jurgelio valsas", Klaipėda Sea Festival, Joniniai, LRT And Good Eyes on TV. The Gramophone ensemble is a regular accompanist of the vocal ensembles of Telšiai city song festivals and other significant events. In the autumn of this year, the ensemble will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a concert.

Ernesta Dargužienė, a soloist at the Telšiai Culture Center, who was awarded a 2nd degree diploma in the group of soloists, did not go unnoticed in the competition. Ernesta Dargužienė is the artistic director of the song and dance ensemble “Mastis” of the Telšiai Culture Center, where the culture of Lithuanian national art and pride in the cultural heritage of her homeland are nurtured and disseminated through the synthesis of songs, music and dance. The ensemble, which has been around for a long time and has maintained its traditions and a large group of performers for 68 years, formed a children's dance group "Masčiukai" a year ago as a group of youth dancers, unites as many as 70 singers, dancers and instrumentalists. Also on Erna's initiative, the singing studio "Šaltinis" of Telšiai Culture Center was established in 2007, where 25 students of different ages learn the secrets of solo singing. "Šaltinis" is a regular participant in traditional events organized by the Telšiai Culture Center, which constantly updates its repertoire and performs at all city festivals, as well as at various festivals and competitions, such as "Song of Songs".

In her free time and on weekends, Ernesta serves as an organist in St. The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, home to four Sunday St. Mass choirs she leads.

Linas Ulkštinas, the director of the Telšiai Culture Center, is happy with such dedicated cultural workers and their excellent achievements, which do not come out of nowhere - it is the result of a long and consistent and professional work.

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