The Samogitian Tourism Information Center together with the Telšiai Tourism Cluster Association participated in the largest annual tourism exhibitions in the Baltic States: the International Tourism Exhibition ADVENTUR 2020 in Vilnius and the BALTTOUR 2020 International Exhibition in Riga.

The 8th Tourism Exhibition ADVENTUR 2020 was attended by most of the country's municipal tourism information centers, active representatives of individual businesses and associations, tour operators, other participants of the tourism business industry, foreign embassies and business guests from 19 countries. The exhibition was attended by 321 participants, 250 events and about 30 thousand visitors. The exhibition introduces tourism business innovations and global tourism trends, new travel directions, invites you to take interest in Lithuania and its active leisure and meaningful recreation, encourages to establish new business contacts and personal contacts.
It is gratifying that the stand of Telšiai region was alive; Telšiai was represented by active members of the Telšiai Tourism Cluster Association: the staff of the Žemaitija Tourism Information Center headed by Director Jurgita Armalienė, Aušra Pakalnienė from MB Tikslius, Ričardas Rasiukas from the homestead Angelų malūnas, Sandra Ri Cartienė from UAB Kontėna. They were assisted by Andrius Dacius, chairman of the Samogitian Cultural Society Telšiai County, representatives of the Samogitian Museum Alka, the wakeboard park PARKAS wake & cable and other businessmen in Telšiai.
The beautiful Telšiai stand, decorated with bears, attracted the attention of visitors. There was also a chance to greet and hug the Teddy bears that came with the collective of the Žemaitija Tourism Information Center, who showed the elements of their dance to the participants of the exhibition. The correspondence of all Samogitians, which started at the exhibition, inviting Lithuanians with Samogitian blood to sign "Samogitian chant of the Samogitian", was of great interest. Also of interest were Samogitian caste education, sauna SPA massages, Samogitian band weaving, glass drawing education and "On the water" program. All those interested in our city were given information leaflets about Telšiai attractions and services in Lithuanian or English, as well as interesting oral information.
Another similar international tourism exhibition BALTTOUR 2020 took place in Riga, Kipsala Exhibition Hall, from January 30 to February 2. This year is the 27th exhibition. The Travel Pavilions "Travel Latvia!" And "Discover the World!" Featured 480 booths attended by over 860 local and foreign tourism companies from 40 countries. The target regions of this exhibition were Latvia, the Baltic States, Northern Europe, Russia and the CIS countries.
Latvians are not only active in providing tourism services, but also lovers of traveling. They do not overtake Lithuania either. The short distance makes it very popular for family and group trips from this neighboring country. In order to attract more tourists traveling from Latvia to Žemaitija, the public institution Žemaitija Tourism Center and the Telšiai Tourism Cluster Association together with the Mažeikiai Tourism and Business Information Center participated in the exhibition Balttour 2020. The Telšiai-Mažeikiai joint stand at the Pavilion “Discover the World!” Presented the sights of Telšiai city and district, the services and possibilities provided by the Telšiai Tourism Cluster and its members for convenient, one-stop shopping for interesting tourism services. In addition to the visitors of the exhibition, Donatas Vainalavičius, First Secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Latvia, also visited the stand of Telšiai-Mažeikiai. He wondered how the Samogitians were doing.
Representatives from other Lithuanian cities - Biržai, Plungė, Panevėžys, Šiauliai, Trakai, etc., sanatoriums, recreation centers, museums also participated in this pavilion of Latvian exhibition. There were plenty of people coming from far away too: Georgia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Russia, as well as distant countries like Cuba, Indonesia and Seychelles!
Participation in these exhibitions allowed us not only to introduce our country to the residents of Lithuania and Latvia, but also to the major travel business. Each visitor to the booths was encouraged to take an interest in Telšiai and the life there, invited to come and see this city with their own eyes, and to take advantage of the services provided by business people working or working for tourism. Everyone agreed that Telšiai is one of the most beautiful cities in Lithuania.
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