On April 24, the Feast of the Advent took place in the Cathedral Square

Traditionally organized by the Telšiai Culture Center, there was no shortage of the "Rėid margs kūnšinielis"
festive moods and activities provided by the staff of the cultural center who have become characters. Happy Holidays
congratulated by the Mayor of Telšiai District Municipality Kęstutis Gusarovas and the priest of the Cathedral Salezian monk
Alexis Danilo from Argentina, director of the social services center Rasa Gustienė.
The townspeople gathered in the square could choose from the many new and new ones offered
fun. Eggs fried in a large pan, rolled and picked the most beautiful 9 eggs. The little ones sway on
swinging a bunny, painting faces at the artist, fishing for the fattest fish in the fountain and looking for
egg pattern orienteering competition.
The children and youth folklore ensemble “Čiučiuruks” of Telšiai Culture Center took care of dances and games
Rita Macijauskiene). The NGO charity fair has also traditionally been held.
The crowd took photos at the photo wall created by the decorator and brought home not only photos but also
lots of good mood.

Photos and information of Telšiai Culture Center.


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